• Highlights in 2011

    The gigantic discovery on Johan Sverdrup was a turning point for Det norske. It is one of the biggest discoveries ever made on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It has contributed to renewed faith in the Norwegian oil and gas adventure. With its 20 percent interest in Sverdrup West (Aldous), Det norske has experienced a fantastic [...]

  • A Fantastic Year

    2011 was the year in which all doubts were swept away: Det norske is well on its way to becoming a significant oil company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and the petroleum industry will be dominant in Norway for many decades to come. The perception of an industry in decline has been replaced by concern [...]

  • Gigantic Sverdrup

    The exploration year 2011 will go down in history. Det norske participated in the discovery that has been named Johan Sverdrup, the third biggest discovery ever to be made on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, gigantic also by global standards. Det norske’s resourcesProven petroleum that may not with certainty be produced as well as estimated volumes [...]

  • More than Droplets in Draupne

    Draupne – licence map Draupne is our next development project as operator. There are more than just droplets in Draupne; it contains about 143 million barrels. Our goal is to submit a PDOPlan for Development and Operation, submitted to the authorities for approval. in the course of 2012. To achieve this, 2011 has been characterised [...]

The Share

Det norske was one of last year’s winners on the stock exchange, with a growth of more than 200 percent.


Det norske continues its ambitious exploration strategy. The company participated in the drilling of 11 wells in 2011.

Resource Development

Det norske is becoming a major player on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Oil Price

Oil prices over the past five years (Brent Blend).

Licences and Operatorships

Allocation of licences and operatorships in the last five years.

Interactive Licence Portfolio

Interactive map and information about licences and operatorships.