Det norske would like to contribute to the society around us in a positive way. We do this as a sponsor, contributor, collaborator, or as user. We support measures that are directly related to our business as oil company, measures that provide significant exposure, and measures that can be for the benefit of our employees.

Builds school in Rwanda with Kaizers

In collaboration with UNICEF and the Schools for Africa campaign, Kaizers Orchestra set a goal of collecting one million NOK to build a school in Rwanda.
Det norske has had the pleasure to support the project with 700,000 NOK, and with this helping Kaizers to reach their goal.

Read more about Det norske’s contribution to the campaign here.

Professorship in Geophysics at NTNU

Det norske has since 2007 financed an adjunct professorship in geophysics at NTNU in Trondheim. At the time, this was the first time one of the smaller and new players on the Norwegian continental shelf funded such a position. The need for highly qualified workers will increase as a result of more and new and challenges in the Norwegian oil industry.

GuttekoretDet norske sponsors Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir. The agreement lets Det norske’s employees go to concerts and the company can use the choir for internal arrangements.

Read more about Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir at www.guttekoret.no

Logo - Det Norske Teatret Det norske has a long-term collaboration with Det Norske Teatret in Oslo. Det norske uses the theatre both for internal purposes and external arrangements.

Read more at www.detnorsketeatret.no


In collaboration with the famous Norwegian skier Oddvar Brå and the City of Trondheim, Det norske has established and funded the waymarking of Bråløypa, a test track for cross-country skiers in the Bymarka outdoor recreation area in Trondheim.


Det norske is main sponsor for Ivar Aasen-tunet and Dei nynorske festspela until 2017.

Read more about Ivar Aasen-tunet at


Trondheim Jazzfest Trondheim is in a very special atmosphere when the yearly jazz fest is arranged. This year the festival is arranged 7-10 May.

Read more at www.jazzfest.no

Det norske is the main sponsor for Oi! Trøndersk matfestival, that is a food festival in the heart of Trondheim city. The festival aims to increase the value for producers of raw materials and products from the area around Trondheim.

Special efforts in the North

Det norske has a comprehensive program to support research, education and economic development in northern Norway. Overall, this is a program of around 15 million NOK.

Det norske supports the Mathematics and Natural Science faculty at the University of Tromsø. The grant has a limit of 8.7 million and will be used for an advanced XRF scanner.

Det norske has entered into several agreements with industry, with special attention on research and education. Det norske wants to be in front to strengthen the region’s position in front of increased petroleum activity in the north.

Academia Borealis

Det norske supports Academia Borealis, Northern Norway`s science academy.
The funds have resulted in varied activities, such as the discussion about oil production in the north. Academia Borealis was founded 10 years ago. Read more about the academy here: http://www.ub.uit.no/nnva/

Other sponsorships

Det norske also supports St Olavsloppet, Storlirennet, NFP Trøndelag, SPE Northern Norway, Trænafestivalen og BAKgården, in addition to around 60 local amateur sporting activities, and cultural and community projects upon recommendations submitted by employees.

Please direct all sponsorship requests to Hanne Marstrand by e-mail: hanne.marstrand@detnor.no.