HSE Culture – AS WE DO IT!

Welcome to the HSE culture page.

As the operator of Ivar Aasen it is Det norskes responsibility to secure the health and safety for all the personnel that are working for us. It is our responsibility as an operator to promote and secure a; Sound health, safety and environment culture.

On this page you will find different material, information and tools that are used for promotion and securing of the Ivar Aasen projects HSE culture. To be able to make a sound HSE culture we will encourage our collaborating partners to participate and contribute in the HSE culture development, such that we together achieve our HSE commitment.Det norske’s main HSE objectives are to execute our operations in a manner ensuring that we:

  • Avoid harm and injuries to personnel, the environment and financial assets
  • Avoid work-related illness ensuing from operations
  • Ensure the technical integrity of facilities
  • Avoid orders from the Norwegian authorities

Det norske shall achieve these objectives through:

  • Integrating HSE-related goals, strategies and action plans in all projects and activities managed and carried out by the company. Tasks related to HSE and reducing risk of major accidents shall be prioritized at all levels within the company.
  • Being a good employer. HSE-related issues pertaining to all activities offshore and onshore are to be taken seriously and duly followed up.

Det norske’s premise is that all undesired events can be avoided. To develop a good HSE culture and promote a healthy attitude is important in order to achieve our goals.

In the Ivar Aasen project we expect and demand that all parties involved are committed to HSE. As a result of this the Ivar Aasen projects has made a HSE commitment which all parties have to engage to and strive to achieve.

HSE Commitment

Zero HSE incidents
Engaged and committed leadership
Reliable and proactive HSE knowledge sharing
Open and honest culture